"I drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted
I thought about our last kiss, how it felt the way you tasted
And even though your friends tell me you’re doing fine
If what we had was real, how could you be fine?
‘Cause I’m not fine at all

I wish that I could wake up with amnesia
And forget about the stupid little things
Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you
And the memories I never can escape”


"Amnesia" by 5 Seconds of Summer

(I’m embarrassed that I love this band but whatever they are awesome…. they remind me of the music I grew up with like Blink 182, Sum 41.. etc.) 

Apparently wine shouldn’t be kept at room temperature for too long……

Apparently wine shouldn’t be kept at room temperature for too long……

A bullet is a man
From time to time he strays
I compare my life to this
To this I relate
And I’m willing to listen to your answers
And I’m not afraid to tell you I need you today
Won’t you light my way?
And so when I’m lost or I’m tired and depraved
Or when my high bullet mind goes astray
Won’t you light my way?
Don’t save it another day…

- Audioslave. I love Chris Cornell. 

Wine Wednesdays!

Wine and cheese night tonight! Much needed.

I’ve been patiently awaiting some news, and it appears I’ll be waiting a bit longer. Anticipation is far more intense than news itself.


The problem with being smart…

…is that you get bored extremely easily.

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I have a feeling…

The second half of this year is going to be VERY interesting. I’ve said this before, and I’m still not sure why exactly. It’s merely an instinct I have. 

Decent Cab! Happy Memorial Day!

Decent Cab! Happy Memorial Day!


The Best Reaction to Irrational Behavior

..is silence.

In my experience, silence is the best reaction to irrational behavior. Irrational behavior is unnecessary; therefore it should be ignored to convey how ineffective it is.

This will leave the irrational person wondering why you are not affected whatsoever by his or her actions, and he or she will feel confused and irrelevant. After this person wallows in self pity, he or she will move on to annoy others who are not as savvy as you are.

Problem solved. 

Wine: Amador County

Note to self: check out more wines from this region - inspired by last post.


Solid Zin

Had a Renwood “Old Vine” Zin from Amador county the other day. Not sure I’ve had too many wines from that region. 


Happy Wine Wednesdays!

I’m extra excited for my two glasses of wine tonight for two reasons!

1 - I was honest with my doctor recently with how much wine I consume in a week. I average about two glasses a night, and apparently “excess” alcohol consumption is 6 drinks a week. That obviously seems wat conservative (as my doctor agreed), but she suggested any easy plan of not drinking two nights a week. So I’m taking off Mondays and Tuesdays…. making Wednesdays extra awesome!

2 - Wine is well deserved tonight because I’ve made it to my workouts the last three nights in a row after work. Proud!

Week one down. Let’s see if I can keep this two nights off wine / filling free time with workouts for a month…


Spicy Syrah

Had a great 92 pointer - a 2009 spicy Syrah (my favorite) by Larner. They have a tasting room in Los Olivos that I want to try soon! 

Found it at K&L Wines for anyone local to LA:



Cab Franc….. love or hate?

Do I love them? Not sure yet. Still trying to figure them out.


A simple Zin?

How is it possible that Trader Joe’s Zin is surprisingly decent? Enjoying it.

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